Scientist, Dept. of Bio-Informatics

Dr. Bharanidharan received his Bachelor's degree (1998) in Biochemistry and finished his Master's degree (2000) in Medical Biochemistry at Dr. ALM. Postgraduate IBMS, University of Madras. He earned his doctoral degree (2007) in Computational Biology and X-ray crystallography from the Centre for Crystallography and Biophysics at University of Madras. He then pursued his Postdoctoral research (2008-2010) in the field of structural biology on pathogenic bacterial surface proteins at University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. Later, He pursued his Postdoctoral research (2010-2012) in membrane protein structural biology using electron crystallography at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

Dr.Bharani's research interests include whole genome, exome, transcriptome next-generation sequencing data analysis in identifying molecular targets for ocular cancer and diseases, microRNAs and their regulatory role in the vision and ocular diseases, comparative genomics for bacterial drug-resistance mechanisms and evolution, and structural bioinformaticsof non-synonymous variants (nsSNVs) to understand the disease molecular mechanisms.
Email : bharani@aravind.org

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