Name YearTitle of the ThesisSupervisor
Ms.Saumi Mathews 2017Studies on the characterization of limbal niche- their role in maintenance and ex vivo expansion of human corneal epithelial stem cellsDr.Gowri Priya
G.Gowthaman2016Investigating the role of Nuclear, Mitochondrial Genome and microRNA in the pathogenesis of Diabetic retinopathyDr.P.Sundaresan
PrasanthiNamburi2016Identification of genetic variants in genes associated with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in Indian populationDr.P.Sundaresan
Anshumanverma2016Molecular studies of Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) in Indian population Dr.P.Sundaresan
Lalan kumar Arya2016Etiology and immunopathogenesis of subconjuctival and Anterior Chamber Granulomatous Uveitis in children of South IndiaDr.SR.Rathinam
Sushil kumar Dubey2016Identification and Characterization of Mutations in Candidate Genes involved in major Congenital Globe AnomaliesDr.P.Sundaresan
R.SivaGanesaKarthikeyan2014Characterization Of The Immunopathogenic Mechanism In Human Mycotic KeratitisDr.Gowri Priya Chidambaranathan
K.Renugadevi2014Molecular Genetics and Functional Analysis of Albinism Patients in IndiaDr.P.Sundaresan
S.Ananthi 2013Understanding Pathogenesis of Human Mycotic Keratitis - A Proteome wide analysisDr.P.Sundaresan
B.Hemadevi 2011Genetic and functional analysis of Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy (FECD) and Congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy (CHED) in Indian patientsDr. P. Sundaresan
P.Murugeswari2011Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetic RetinopathyDr.VR. Muthukkaruppan
B.Suganthalakshmi2010Molecular Genetics of Diabetic RetinopathyDr. P. Sundaresan
T.Amala Rajasundari 2009Serological and Molecular characterization of Rubella virus in children with Ocular defects of Congenital Rubella SyndromeDr. P. Sundaresan
Arpitha Parthasarathy 2008Identification, Characterization, Enrichment and in vitro maintenance of Human Corneal Epithelial Stem CellsDr.VR. Muthukkaruppan
R.Ramyadevi 2008Understanding the Molecular Genetics of CataractDr. P. Sundaresan
J.Nallathambi 2008Involvement of Transcription Factor genes PAX6/FOXL2 in various ocular anomaliesDr. P. Sundaresan
J.Kanagavalli 2007Studies on Myocilin TIGR/MYOC) gene mutations and Myocilin protein in Indian patients with Primary Open Angle GlaucomaDr. P. Sundaresan
C. Gowripriya 2007Aetiology and pathogenic Mechanism of Uveitis associated with LeptospirosisDr.VR. Muthukkaruppan
G. Neethirajan 2007Molecular Analysis of PAX6 Gene in Indian Aniridic patientsDr. P. Sundaresan

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