Aravind's publications division brings out textbooks in ophthalmology for practicing ophthalmologists and different cadres of eye care personnel. It also produces ophthalmology slide sets for lectures and presentations. The audio-visual and photography departments are involved in production of instructional videos on surgical procedures of the eye, nursing, housekeeping, maintenance and management. Please see Catalogue for the same.
As the organisation is rapidly expanding with many national and international connections, it is essential to update its well wishers with the latest happenings here. In addition to the annual report, it brings out a monthly newsletter, Aravind News which records the recent activities and information that could be of use to its readers. A monthly E-newsletter, named Sitenews is sent to the users to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in the Vision 2020 e-Resource activities.
Quarterly journals for Mid Level Ophthalmic Personnel (Compassion) and for doctors (Illumination) are also brought out regularly. "Kannoli" is a monthly Tamil magazine that is dedicated to creating awareness on eye diseases and blindness control in the community.

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