Blindness is a global economic problem as well as a personal tragedy without intervention, WHO estimates that by 2020 there will be 70 million blind, mostly in the developing world, resulting in a loss of $50 billion in global economic productivity. Yet 80% of this blindness can be treated or prevented.
Aravind Eye Hospital was founded in 1976, by Dr. G. Venkataswamy, a man known to most of us simply as Dr. V. In an eleven bed hospital manned by 4 medical officers, he saw the potential for what is today, one of the largest facilities in the world for eye care. Over the years, this organization has evolved into a sophisticated system dedicated to compassionate service for sight. The Aravind Eye Care System now serves as a model for India and the rest of the world.
Aravind model of self-sustaining, compassionate care remains at the core of Aravind philosophy. One third of patients pay market price for cataract surgery, supporting another two surgeries for patients who can pay. But cataract surgery is only one part of the solution, with the changing disease profile, more patients are in need of advanced specialty care which are not financially sustainable by the Aravind model.
To help support these areas and spread its low-cost, high quality and compassionate model of eye care throughout the developing world, Aravind created the Aravind Eye Foundation. Aravind direct patient services are financed internally. However, there are areas which benefit the broader community where we need your help: medical research to discover the causes, prevention and treatment of blindness, healthcare consulting to build expertise and capacity across the developing world, and outreach to the rural poor. These are the areas where you can support Aravind in its mission of eliminating needless blindness.
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